After confirming the desired order on the Sana Linea Fashion House website, you will receive an email confirming that the order has been received. The email will contain delivery information.


Time of delivery


Bosnia and Herzegovina / SR Serbia

Delivery time is 3-5 working days for the territory of BiH and SR Serbia and starts from the first following working day after sending the order. Delivery costs on the territory of BiH or SR Serbia shall be borne by the ordering party. In case of delivery delay, our operator will notify you.
Your order for the territory of BiH or SR Serbia will be delivered by the courier service of the Post of Srpska (BiH) or Bex Courier Service (SR Serbia) and  to the address you left when ordering in the period from 8 am to 4 pm every working day. Make sure there is a person at the address who can pick up the shipment during that period. The courier is obliged to try to deliver each shipment twice. The usual practice of the company Pošta Srpske (or Bex Courier Service, for Serbia) is that if the courier does not find you at the address, it tries to call you on the phone you left when creating the purchase order and to arrange a new convenient delivery date. If the second time does not find you at the address after the delivery date agreement, the shipment will be returned to us. Upon receipt of the shipment, we will contact you by phone to determine the reason for non-delivery of the shipment and when it suits you to resend it.
After sending the shipment, you will be able to track the status of the shipment in your account until delivery.

All your orders placed during the weekend and holidays will be processed on the first following business day.


Way of delivery

When receiving, visually inspect the supplied package to determine that there is no visible damage. If you have decided to transport the product through the courier service of the Post of Srpska or Bex Courier Service and during the visual inspection you notice that there are damages that you suspect could have affected the quality of the delivered product, refuse to accept the shipment. If, after opening the package and inspecting the products you have purchased, you find that the products were damaged during transport, also take a photo and send all those photos with the complaint form to our operator at
You must notify us immediately of any problems via email in order to be more efficient in future deliveries.
If the shipment is visually undamaged during the visual inspection, you can sign the receipt of the shipment and pick it up freely.
In case you have any comments, questions or suggestions, contact us at
If you want to order our products with a place of delivery outside the territory of BiH, and you are not sure about any aspect of the ordering process, delivery or possible costs that this type of delivery may have, contact us by phone +387 52 663 112 or send an e-mail to

In the event that due to objective circumstances we are not able to deliver the ordered items, our operator will notify you as soon as possible and offer you one of the possible alternative solutions.

IMPORTANT: By confirming the order, clicking on the "BUY" button, you accept the terms of delivery.