From a small technologically obsolete factory, "Sana" has developed into a true economic giant - a combine that united seven modern factories, two working communities and an extensive retail network with nearly three thousand employees, successfully linking knitwear production of basic materials with a well-thought-out clothing line and well-organized sales of the entire production in their own stores and through wholesale in both domestic and global markets.

After the integration with "Sana" and investing in the modernization and specialization of production capacities, the purchase of modern machines and equipment, we moved to a new production line of women's blouses. A new production hall was constructed and the old one was adapted, which created the conditions for increasing the number of employees.

Sana Linea company currently employs 110 workers, and being run entirely by women distinguishes this company from others, especially outside the textile industry. The director, production manager end every employee are all women. The women's management has proven to be more than successful, ready to adapt to all changes and situations in which the company found itself over the years of being in business. Perhaps that very note of femininity that adorns "Sana Linea" is the success factor that is keeps them going.

Today, after several decades of successful business operations, we can freely say that Sana is one of the leaders in BiH textile industry. In the last few years, "Sana Linea" has been developing its retail network. So far, 13 retail stores have been opened throughout BiH, and in addition, it is placing its collection on the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. During 2020, two retail stores were opened in Serbia, in Šabac and Pančevo.
What makes "Sana Linea" specific on the market are the sizes ranging 38 to 52, the quality of workmanship and the quality of materials. The collections are intended for modern women who are confident and self-conscious.

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Our products are available in Bosnia and Hercegovina and since recently in Serbia as well.


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