The registration process on the website of the fashion house Sana Linea is extremely simple and consists of several steps.

Users - registered

1. Click on "Register" which you will find in several places on the website.
2. Enter all the necessary information in the window that will open.
3. Confirm the entered data by clicking on the "register" button.
4. After confirming the data entry on the "registration" button, a message will open notifying you of the successful completion of the registration process. After that, your e-mail will receive an automatic message that you have successfully completed the registration process on the website Check the email address field to make sure you entered the correct email address when registering.
5. The mail we sent you as an automated message is in the Inbox folder of your mailbox. If it may not be in the same, check to see if it is in the Spam or Spam directory.
6. After registering, your profile / account will be opened with your data and purchases in our web store.
7. You can access the purchase process as our registered member.