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Sana Linea during the course of time

Sana Linea JSC Kostajnica has a long-standing tradition and, during the course of its existence, it has gone through several stages of its business development.

The company has been founded in 1947, and, in 1958, when a new production hall was built, production equipment remanufactured and upgraded and eight retail stores were opened, it begins its developmental stages.

The company started its final stage of development in 1970 when it merged with COAL “Sana“ Novi Grad which led to significant changes in both production technology and organization. The main characteristic of the period was investing in modernization and specialisation of production, and purchasing of modern sewing machines and other machinery and equipment, which made possible a new production line, manufacturing of women`s blouses.

Due to personal investments a new production hall was built and the old one adapted, which increased the number of employees. The use of new technology enabled manufacturing of fashion clothing, especially women`s blouses for which this company is well-known in foreign market, especially in Germany.

Since its founding, this company has never ceased its activities and it has maintained its pre-war scope and quality of production. The technology of the production has been developed and the export of the products continued. During the course of its existence, the company has never operated at a loss.

The company has successfully and lawfully went through the process of privatization, and today it operates as a Joint-stock company.

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