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From a small, technologically outdated, factory, “Sana“developed into a true corporate giant – a combine consisting of seven modern factories, two working groups and a big retail chain with close to three thousand employees. It successfully brings together garment manufacturing of textiles, well-designed programme for manufacturing of ready-made clothes and well-organized sales of all the products in its own retail stores as well as through wholesale in both domestic and worldwide market.

Merging with “ Sana“ and investing in modernization and specialisation of production as well as purchasing of modern sewing machines and other machinery and equipment made a new production line, manufacturing of women`s blouses, possible. A new production hall was built and the old one adapted, which increased the number of employees.

Today, there are 110 employees in Sana Linea, and, what differs it significantly from other companies, especially those outside the textile industry, is that it is entirely run by women, starting with the general manager, followed by production manager and other middle managers way down to the last employee. Over the years of conducting business, this women's management has proved more than successful and ready to adapt to all the changes and situations the company faced with. Maybe that very womanliness adoring “Sana Linea“ is what keeps it thriving.

Just like the river “Sana“ was named after, the company itself enriches people's lives.

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